Welcome to the Centre for Gender in Politics blog!

We are excited to launch the blog of the Centre for Gender in Politics featuring interventions from the community of gender scholars, students and activists at Queen’s University Belfast, as well as our international colleagues and friends. This blog aims to create a virtual hub to showcase research,  opinion pieces, teaching activities and students’ contributions on topics related to gender politics, intersectional feminism and LGBTQ+ activism.  

Reflecting the activities of our Centre, this blog will host contributions that highlight the centrality of gender,  in intersection with other categories such as race, class, sexuality and ability, to our understanding of local, national and global dynamics. 

Inspired by Cynthia Enloe’s famous slogan “the personal is political, is international”, we believe that these intersections matter in shaping the political, from everyday experiences to political institutions, from cultural production to “high-level” strategies for global security.  

Blog contributions exploring personal/political/international entanglements will include: Teaching; Events; Personal Reflections and Commentaries; Student Essays;  Research Notes; Reviews; Creative and Artistic Contributions. 

If you would like to feature in our blog get in touch via email: Centreforgender@qub.ac.uk. We would love to hear your ideas!

We look forward to continuing these conversations and featuring feminist contributions here. In the meantime, we want to inaugurate our blog by sharing the recording of our Launch event, Gender Now in NI in November 2019. Happy Listening!


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